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News & Noteworthy:

Restaurant Interior Designers NJ, NYC. Award winning restaurant interior design firm located in Montclair, NJ servicing the tri-state area.

Interior Designer Awards:

New Jersey Restaurant Association named Maxey Hayse Design Studios 2014 Restaurant Interior Designer of the Year.

Top Restaurant Interior Designer Featured on NYC Based Reality TV Series: Discovery Channel's Construction Intervention.

Maxey Hayse Interior Designers receives Award for Excellence in Architectural Design of a Commercial Space from the National Commercial Builders Association of for their outstanding work on Cinder's Wood fired Grill located in NJ.



Starting an Interior Renovation

When beginning a renovation you must answer a few questions. The questions below are based on a hospitality renovation which includes nightclub, restaurant, hotel and even retail store renovation. The exception to retail would be greater stress on the product you are selling.

Questions to ask yourself when beginning a hospitality renovation.

1. Why are you renovating?

  • Are you renovating to update the look and feel of your environment?
  • Are you renovating to improve the function of your space?
  • Are you renovating to change the use of your space?

2. Have you established a budget?

3. Who is your clientele?

  • What type of experience are they looking for?

4. Are you serving your clientele to the best of your ability?

  • Consider design ideas that can help you better serve your clientele.
  • Can your staff successfully service your clientele?


5. Is your existing layout helping or hurting your business?

6. How much square footage do you need for each activity?

  • dancing
  • dining
  • bar space
  • coat check
  • lounge area
  • games
  • TV's
  • Internet access
  • selling
  • staff areas, etc.

7. How does your location impact your interior design?

8. From a design standpoint what are you doing to keep your business up to date?

9. What design elements do you need to add to keep your business unique?

  • What is your business identity and how will that effect the design?
  • How do you represent your brand identity through the design of your space?




10. Consider creating a total experience for your clientele.

  • What other types of entertainment can you add to your space to create
    a unique experience for your customers?

11. Are you equipped or do you have the time to adequately address these issues?

These questions may vary depending upon your business. A restaurant renovation will vary from a hotel or retail renovation but will be very similar to a nightclub or lounge renovation. This list should get you started in the right direction. However we do recommend you consult with a professional. Designers can help you save money by taking advantage of their planning, design and construction experience.
Design is a business just like running a restaurant, nightclub or other hospitality venue. Entering into a renovation project without adequate knowledge can be very costly.

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