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Maxey Hayse Hospitality Design Studios is a complete interior design center. We offer commercial interior design services for the tri-state area. Our interior design firm is located in New Jersey just outside New York City. We have first hand franchise experience with the execution of new concept's and have built the prototype as the flagship venue. Then we get involved with the roll out of additional locations. Some franchise groups only handle a certain percentage of construction and design in house and that is where we come in. We will also work with your internal teams to assist them if need be. Some franchises look for an experienced design firm rooted in the New York, New Jersey area.

The franchising industry has grown at an astounding rate. It's hard to get through the day without dealing with a franchise. We buy our homes through franchised real estate companies and maintain and repair them using franchised companies in areas as varied as carpet and chimney cleaning to plumbing and renovations.

We drive to work in a car purchased from a franchised dealer and repair it at franchised repair shops. We buy our tires, mufflers and accessories at franchised stores.

A trip to the mall, usually involves dealings with franchised stores and your lunch break, you guessed it, another franchise and restaurants are no different. We all become comfortable with a franchise that we know we will have a good meal without having to worry about anything.

People are comfortable doing business with franchises for many different reasons, but you can sum it up by saying, the public has a feeling of confidence in the predictable service and quality of a national company and, at the same time, receives the concerned personal attention of a local business entrepreneur. This is an attractive and compelling combination.

Most franchise buyers are between the ages of 35 to 55, the fastest growing and best- educated segment of the population. Recent and ongoing corporate downsizing is creating an unprecedented highly qualified pool of franchise prospects with business experience and financial stability. Experts are predicting franchise growth extending well into the future. Technical internet and home based franchises are already booming and service industry franchises continue to perform well.



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