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Creating A Total Interior Environment

In today's day and age it is becoming harder and harder to entertain and service your clientele. You must always develop new ways of keeping your clients entertained and serviced. The hospitality industry is ever changing. Businesses within that industry must always be advanced in their thinking and in their design style. We feel the key to this is creating a total interior environment that is extremely versatile.

Essentially the hospitality industry is an entertainment and service industry. You need to create an interior environment that makes people feel good about themselves. A place that offers diversified sources of entertainment and has great style. You are offering your clientele a home away from home. Creating a unique environment that relates to your clientele does take planning, creativity
and coordination but it is an achievable goal.

Total environments meet more than one of your customers needs. Lets take a look at the hotel industry for examples of creating a total experience that is adaptable to societies changes. The original intent of a hotel room was a place to rest your head. It consisted of a bed, bathroom and television. Now a room consists of a bed, spa, Internet access, faxing capabilities, conference areas,and joining suites with an overall feeling of style, elegance and pampering. Basically, you have everything you need to function in your home as well as your office. In resort hotels you see a large focus on entertainment, dining and retail shops.

As you can see creating a total interior environment requires designing an adaptable, changeable environment. Society is always growing and changing and as a hospitality business you must adapt accordingly.

Ideas for creating unique interior experiences:

  • Consider adding specialty designer boutiques to your nightclub, restaurant or hotel. It gives your customers something to do as they wait to be seated or as the wait for other guests to arrive. The items are great mementos of their special evening with friends and family.
  • Consider incorporating Internet access into the lounge area of your club.
  • Instead of using permanent walls use dividers so you can rearrange your space depending upon the event of the night.
  • Satellite dishes have done wonders for sports bars. Why not have movie viewing. You can entertain a party of 5 or 6 with a movie as they have diner. Schedule intermissions so you can serve the different courses. After the movie you can serve desert and drinks as the party discusses the movie.

Always question your surroundings to see how they can be improved. We are not asking you to reinvent the wheel. Just push the envelop a little. Be creative and if you aren't creative look to the professionals for assistance.

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