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Design As It Relates To Your Clientele & Location

The interior design style you select for your hospitality or retail business directly
relates to your clientele and location. Before you select a style take the time to
explore the answers to a few important design questions.

  • Who is your clientele?
  • What type of experience are they looking for?
  • Are there any interior styles that your customers would shy away from?
  • What image does your existing business have and is that the image you want?
  • Are you located in a large city?
  • Are you in a suburb?
  • Are you in the country?
  • Are you located in a resort area?
  • How does your location relate to your interior design style?

Location has an impact on the interior design styles used in the hospitality industry.
Colors and finishes that look great in a nightclub or bar located in Florida are not going to look as good when you use those same finishes in NYC club. Certain colors and finishes look and work better in sunny, warm climates. While yet another set of colors and finishes look and work better in a cool climate. We would select different colors and materials for a club in Miami, Florida than we would for a restaurant in NYC.

The relationship of clientele to location has an impact on interior style. Patrons
of a nightclub or restaurant located in NYC are not necessarily looking for the same type of interior design experience as patrons in Kansas. Customers shopping in a retail store in Oklahoma are not necessary going to relate to the same interior decor as someone in D.C or Chicago.



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